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Our talented WordPress web designers & developers create stunning websites geared towards converting clicks into customers.

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Client consultation

Here at Reynolds digital we make it our mission to get to know our clients, their businesses and their goals. During the client consultation we will discuss the type of website you are looking to build and the goals you wish to achieve. Feel free to show us examples of any sites you like the look of! The ideas discussed here will set the foundations for your bespoke web design.

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Research and Ideas

After our initial consultation, our talented web designers will go away and research your business industry and present unique ideas for your web design. We will have a look and see what your competitors’ sites look like so we can differentiate your web design, whilst still keeping it relevant to the industry. Our web designers will then share their research and ideas so you can give us your honest feedback.

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Sitemap and Wireframes

During this stage we won’t be focusing on your sites aesthetics, but how it works. Creating a sitemap and wireframes will give us an overview of your site’s functional elements and how users will navigate through it. Doing this will allow us to create the best possible user experience and ensure your site is a complete success. If anything needs tweaking, we’ll be able to make the changes without having to worry about disturbing the visual elements of your site.

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Design Process

At this stage of the web design process we will be concentrating on your website’s appearance. Our talented team of designers will use their skills, knowledge and experience to make your site look visually attractive and consistent with your current branding. The visual elements of your site are equally as important as its functionality and we will ensure that your site is aesthetically pleasing and unique from your competitors’ sites.

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Responsive Design

Here at Reynolds Digital we encourage all of our clients to build responsive websites. Having a responsive web design ensures that your site offers a consistent experience across all devices from desktop to mobile and digital tablets. At this stage of the web design process we will create the intuitive code that will ensure your site is capable of identifying the device it is being viewed on and able to optimise itself accordingly.

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