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Client consultation

Before our web design agency can begin creating a website, it is essential that we meet with you to discuss your needs and requirements. A website is one of the most important and influential marketing tools for a business, so it is essential that the web design reflects everything your brand stands for.

During your client consultation you can discuss the ambitions and vision you have for your website and any key requirements you have. It may also be a good idea to provide our web designer with websites that you like the look of, as this will help them to get a better idea of your style and taste preferences.

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The first step our web designer will take when creating a web design involves producing wireframes. These wireframes are basically line drawings that demonstrate where particular elements will be placed within a web design. Wireframes are quick and easy for web designers to produce and allow a better overview of the functionality and structure of a website, prior to its design.

Once your wireframes have been created, our web designer will walk through them with you, to give a clearer picture of the overall look of your website. You will be able to get an idea of its functionality.

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Moodboards creation

The next stage involves carrying out visual prototyping by creating mood boards for your web design. These moodboards will feature inspirational elements, colour palettes, typography and textures. They will help you to make ‘big-picture’ design decisions for your website. Any smaller design elements for specific sections and pages can be implemented and altered at a later stage.

The moodboards our web designer creates will enable you to get a good idea of how your website will look and feel. You will be able to review the moodboards to check that you are happy with your designer’s ideas and are on the same wavelength.

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Font & colour selection

The font used within your web design can have a big impact on your site visitors, so it is essential to find the right font to suit your web design. The font not only needs to be legible but also fit in with the look and feel over your web design. During this stage our web designer will test and trial a number of different fonts to see what works best. You will be able to provide input and ultimately have the final say in what font is used.

More often than not your colour palette will already be established, especially if you have existing branding, however during this stage, your web designer will need to colour match and check that it works well on your website. If you are planning on re-designing your branding, a new colour palette can be chosen.

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Design drafts

At this stage you will be supplied with the design draft of your website. This will allow you to get a clear overview of how your new website will “look and feel”. You will be able to see how your homepage will look and if you have an e-commerce site, how it will function as a sales channel.

At this point changes can still be made to your design. It will be up to you to provide feedback on the design and suggest any re-works you require. The web designer will then proceed to make the necessary changes, ensuring your design meets your full needs and requirements. They will then present you with another design draft to review.

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